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By Jove, it's Leah!
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Yesterday, I was about to leave for my exam. I stil needed to brush my teeth, though, so I head out into the hall.

The cleaners were here, and they had the taps going in both the kitchen and the bathroom. Reluctantly, I head to the toilet.

One of the cleaners is bending over the toilet bowl, retching for all she's worth.

Trying not to retch myself, I quickly go back to my room, wondering how I was going to brush my teeth with all three of our facility rooms miraculously taken up by two cleaning ladies.

Cleaning lady 1: I can't stop throwing up!

Cleaning lady 2: That's normal. It's always like this, trust me.

At this point I got a little annoyed. This might be a student housing complex, but it's not that bloody dirty. And the bits that are dirty, like the bit in the kitchen between the bin and Sander's deep-fat fryer where a huge spider is now squatting, are ones that they are supposed to clean but don't. Not our fault either way.

Eventually, I  get to brush my teeth. As I rush out, I ask the red-faced, teary-eyed cleaner if she's feeling better.

"Oh, yeah," she says. "I'm pregnant."

"Ah, I see," I replied, sounding more condoling that I really should have, and then I ran to make my exam, which I then completely buggered up.

One of the great things about living in a student house is that sometimes you wake up and find out that your bathroom has been retiled.

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So, I was walking home after a night out partying with Leonore, and I suddenly felt this urge to sing Vienna by Ultravox really loudly as I walked down the deserted streets. Luckily for my neighbours I was sober and I didn't have anyone to egg me on, so I gave it a miss.


My journal is friends only, because I like to know who's reading. If you're interested in being added, or if you want to ask me a random question, feel free to comment.

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